What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? This may sound like a great tag line but it is such an important question. I know for myself the answer to this is a never ending list of amazing and unbelievable things. One can dream to incredible depths when the restrictions are taken off. That there is the point. When we believe that there are no restrictions we not only dream incredible dreams but we also attempt them and many times achieve them. I will say that almost every great discovery or endeavour that we enjoy the fruits of today was once an impossible reality in the minds of the masses. One brave and crazy soul reached beyond accepted reality and made the impossible possible. Without those that believed and thus attempted the crazy ideas we would have a somewhat boring existence. Our technological advancement would still be stuck somewhere in the post stone age. No renaissance would have occurred, no trips to space, no iPhones or computers, no cherry cheesecakes or toilets. So make yourself a short list, of what you would do today if you could not fail. You never know if your list will contain some essential idea, item or invention that future generations will consider indispensable. From their perspective, they can not afford for you to fail.