Rumbling noises are almost sure to wake up anyone who is a light sleeper and even more so when you are getting used to a new environment. Last night somewhere between 3-5am, we were awakened not by the torrent of rain hitting the skylights of our new home in Costa Rica but rather our two year old who was awakened by that unfamiliar noise. Lucky for us there was no screaming and yelling, Nadeus just asked if it was raining, I said “yes it’s raining”, “oh, I wan’ water” he replied.  I gave him his drink and back to sleep we went.

There have been several “adjustments” that have been necessary once we arrived here.  Paying close attention to things like ants and not stepping on those mounds of brown dirt, that seem to pop up close to fruit trees. Being aware that the sun goes down around 5:30pm everyday, and walking in the complete dark along unlit  mountain paths can sometimes a challenge all on it’s own. To that point, it has been clear night skies lately, with a bright moon in the sky to light the way.

Making any change or adjustment can sometimes be difficult to work through and perhaps that’s what scares people away from changing at all. The fact is that if you are not experiencing the kind of life that you dream about, then you need to adjust. Adjust your mind, change your habits, change the way you earn and spend money. There are countless details that may need to be adjusted in your life to create the one you want. It all depends on how bad you want it and what you are willing to give for it.

Making radical change like moving to another country, culture and language can be an extremely challenging task and requires strong dedication to your plan and desires as well as a practical plan to carry your through the rough spots. By the end of this year I will be releasing a book about just that. Moving to Paradise in 90 days. Keep your eyes open for it and in the mean time, keep moving forward to your dreams and don’t hesitate to adjust as much as necessary.