You are so worth it Stay strongYou are the only one who truly determines your personal value. The world and it’s billions of people will determine your value for you if you let them. Even men and women who are dead and gone are still determining the value of billions because of the work they did, the books they wrote and the speeches they gave. Make sure you are listening to the ones who lifted your value and not those that pushed it down. Establish for yourself levels of success and worth that you want to attain and then go for it. Do not create stress or make it a struggle. You must know that the instant you want to change, decide, then hold fast to that decision for it will bring you through the trials between here and there.¬† Do not let fear of others opinions or ideas about you get in the way. Fear will¬† stifle your ability to be what you aspire to be. You are only limited by the limits you put upon yourself or allow others to place upon you, with or without your permission. You are worth it, don’t forget.