Living Simply has been advice that I have heard hundreds of times.. I have heard it from Gurus, family, friends and almost everywhere I can think of. It has great merit and will bring one to a great appreciation of that which they have.

I was walking around my yard today watching my children play. It was nothing but the usual playing with sticks, the water and eating mangoes and then it dawned on me. Another take at the well used advice, live simply. I suggest a twist of the philosophy, a tweak so to speak. In fact it is the reciprocal in a literary sense.

Simply, Live.

Why put so much energy into cutting back in your life? When one can stop right where they Are and truly Live life to it’s fullest potential from where they are at that moment. Whether you are in a state of wealth and abundance or you are struggling to make ends meet. At any given moment you have the choice to decide to be fully alive. You don’t need to move out of the city and get rid of your cell phone and laptop in order to connect with life. You don’t need to give away all of your possessions, and become a poor pundit or monk in Tibet to find enlightenment. It is available to all who would but “Be still, and know…”

Children as you can see in my video, do this so… well, simply!

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They don’t struggle to see life in the now. In the moment, they recognize the awe and wonder of a drop of water, a small snail on the beach or the sunset so far away. They marvel at everything and all the world is full of miracles and magic. When they rest they rest completely and when they play, they play with complete abandon.

Here I sit in the realization that at this very moment I am the wealthiest and healthiest man I know, not merely by financial means but because of the fact that in choosing to completely immerse myself in this very moment and everyone after that, I truly am the master of my time, and I therefore have all the time in the world as it were. I truly have control of my feelings and therefore I choose joy. I am aware that what I have is perfect for this moment and that from this moment that I have brought myself to, I can choose to do anything and become “any and all things”. In this place of truly living, I have the power of the beginning and ending of any and all things in my life. Be they grand riches and wealth heath and prosperity, or simple living with the bare necessities to sustain life. Either way, regardless of my circumstances I can simply LIVE.

Try it on… One size fits all.