Today I experienced one of life’s greatest Successes. You can give me Millions of Dollars, heck even Billions!, You can give me praise from my peers, You can lift my name up on High, you can give me opportunities to advance beyond my dreams in the sky but nothing yet compares to the reality I just had To see a man becoming before me. A man who was once my young lad. I’ve always been a son, For a long time I’ve been a man and for 16 years I’ve been a dad. But never before today, was I the Dad of a young man. I dare describe the thought, the feeling or the tears of Joy and sheer success I’ve worked for all these years. The lectures and the stories, the lessons some not learned. The hours and the toiling to voice reason and dispell fears. To support the dreams and playing, to foster love and contribution, strength, compassion and a caring kindness. Until today I knew not the outcome, but this day I saw as my boy, embarking on a Man as he was standing in the sun. I saw him working, toiling away, no fussing or complaining no whining or disdain. In fact I saw a hint of gleaming joy as he worked hard and found a new fun. There he bridged the gap and stepped on the other side to the world of contribution and fulfillment if even in the slightest way. Today the clouds parted and the sun shone brighter in the field before our home and for a few moments that seemed to last an eternity I saw all the years come to fruition and realized that I had done something I had never done before. I have created companies, written works, followed my dreams and seen them come true. Married my Princess, made children that filled my heart, saved lives and seen miracles, but never before have I made a man.

Something deep inside me, stirred and grew anew. For the first time in my life I saw a new truth. I saw parts of me, parts of my wife, I saw parts of all those years combined. I saw the worth and full value of each moment between the first day and now. It is as if the sum was totaled for me and the profits were beyond number. I looked back at the house, knowing that there were six other children there that would also come to this place one day and knew that the rest of my life was going to be more fulfilling that I had ever dreamed. Creating a life and watching it grow is a beauty in the universe that I can only call Divine.

I wondered if my father ever had that moment with me, and my heart hoped that in some way he was there standing beside me with his hand on my shoulder as he always did. Watching his son, now a man, now a Dad watch his boy, his son, become a man.