Quite some time ago I read a great post about ‘planting’. Not the planting you may think but more about placing yourself in the right environment.

You can check out that article HERE.

I have been in Costa Rica for years now and have learned a great deal about ‘living in paradise’ and what it means to have your dream realized and then
grow a new dream. Each year is an opportunity for a major step towards an even greater new dream. I moved out of the cold winter world years ago and have not shoveled or touched a snowflake for years. I also set some pretty high passive income goals back then. These were huge parts of my overall goal in 2011 and I got it. I have soaked it up and enjoyed its fullness. It was tough and challenges never truly end. Challenges are just a universal way of keeping you in training mode.  Now it’s time for more goals, ones even bigger and better than before. Time to stretch out of the cozy cocoon that I have here and grow some bigger wings to soar to new heights. Higher Life will be a major part of this as I share how I made some crazy transitions in life towards the life I once merely imagined. Today I live in a way that for some is a dream, but it is a reality for me and many others who dared follow their passions and aspirations. You can too. Make it a priority to do so today without hesitation. Dream, Build and Grow into your Higher Life.