Get out of your comfort zone!Many times in life we become complacent with our circumstances. We make a habit of accepting what is expected and given to us. This does not have to be our reality. Push yourself towards what truly matters to you. Go for your ultimate dreams inspite of what others may expect of you, inspite of what your past may dictate your worth to be. I have found throughout life, we must be our own greatest motivational force. That power within, built into your very soul by the force that created you, is the key to unlocking your Greatest and Divine potential. However, only you can use that key. Others may speak about it, like I am doing right now, but when it comes down to it, when life throws you a curve ball or you get knocked down, only you can use that key to get yourself back up and into the game. When you do this enough times, a new habit begins to take shape and you create new paradigms that will drive you forward to achieving your dreams regardless of your circumstances or situations.

Believing in your Higher Life

~Ivan Cooke